Fantasy Bunny with Mishel

Mishel Thorpe

A fantasy bunny mask look with the very sexy Mishel who has lovely long blonde hair which worked out great for my shots. I wanted to shoot what I thought would be a sort of fantasy look with the black and white stripes. If you had seen another shot I had done with Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore on a swing you would have seen a similar corset & stockings before. I am big on using props as much as I can get away with. When you spend money on outfits you have to get the best out of them and stockings are easy to keep using if you take care of them.

The model was the one that came with the shoes so that’s a new twist and I had the gloves to add to the look. These images were shot on a white backdrop with a ring light to get a look that I could work with, I took the image into Adobe® Photoshop and used some filters on it for the look that you see in the main image.

fantasy bunny

I used a Canon 60D with a Tamron lens Zoom 28-75mm F6.3 1/125sce ISO 200 My real focal length was 40mm I find that a lot of the time if I shoot 3/4 images or full length I am at 40mm. That is why I have a 50mm stm lens that I like to use most of the time. On a crop censer it looks about an 85mm which would be on a full frame, but it really is a waste of time thinking about what the focal length is as it’s all about what you see in the view finder. That is why you are a good photographer, it’s all about what you see then take the shot.

”Fantasy Bunny Mishel Setup” - Story Behind the Picture


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