Nightclub Shoot with Yvette Nelson

Yvette Nelson Nightclub
”Nightclub Shoot " - Yvette Nelson

When working on a shoot for Razor magazine I had cast Yvette Nelson as a background model for a men’s wear spread. She is a fabulous model to work with and I was very happy with the look’s that she gave me in my shots with the guy’s.

Nightclub Razor magazine

After the shoot I asked if she would model for some solo shots of her in this black baby-doll dress which I had been given to by a client that I had just shot a catalog for. We set up a 650-watt light (Tungsten) that we used for the shots with the guys for the magazine. I had Yvette stand near to the bar in the nightclub at the location that we were shooting at and had her give me some poses. Now when you work with a professional model you have to respect that they know what to do. The reason you hired them in the first place was for they look like and what they do in front of the camera. All you need to do is give some direction. Now as for my lighting I wanted to have some of the light that I could see in the club to show up in my images so I had to lower my shutter speed and open up my f-stop to get as much light into the camera as I could for the exposure I was looking for. Now in doing this I was dragging the shutter and this way I could get a bit of a blurry glow off the lights that were in the club and also the light that was coming though the windows.

When I got back to my studio/office I reviewed all my images in Adobe® Photoshop and found a shot (Main image) that I wanted to use a filter on so I could take it to another level. I think it looks fabulous. Yvette also thought it looked fantastic and included copy in her portfolio.

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