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I am Artistic Director & Photographer André Felix, my first recorded photo that I remember taking was in May 1964. Sometime after that I started to take more photograph's and as I was only nine at the time had to use any camera I could get me hands on. I was always the guy that had a camera when we went on a school outing or just off to the seaside with my family. In high school in the UK I signed on for a darkroom & photography class where I could find out the basic’s on how to take photograph’s & develop the film to make prints. In those days, it was very expensive to have all the photography equipment to develop film & to do it yourself at home. I graduated from Sandown Court Collage UK, After that I served an apprentice for three years to study hairdressing and at the same time I became a colorist though L’oral. When I had finished all my three years I gradated and was given the title of Mr. It’s part of the English hairdressing tradition, from then on I was known as Mr. André. I was now working as a hairdresser because my dad did not think that photography was a real job. Some time later My family moved to the USA (1975) to find the American dream. It took the best part of a year to make that happen and we were interviewed many times and had to have a sponsor which was my mother brother who was a PGA golf pro here in California.

One day (Now living in CALIFORNIA) I discovered my sister working in the bathroom developing film and making prints, I just had to jump in and start doing photography again myself. I had a darkroom built in the garage and went about working on my own photography. I did study at Orange Coast College for Photography Art Histories and then went onto work as an assistant with an internship to a well known Photographer & Graphic Designer that was in Orange County California. I was also still working as a hairdresser & many of my clients were models. When they would come and get their hair done they informed me that they could not find any good photographer’s that would take shots of them for there portfolio's. When I found this out I afford to start taking shots of them for their portfolio. WOW this was fantastic I get to do their hair and take photographs of them, I now have two jobs and they are each with something to do with girl’s, I love it!

Once I had my photo’s in the model's portfolios, whoever they would meet (Clients) they would ask “Who was the photographer that shot these fantastic images?” I started to get calls that requested me for many interviews for photography opportunities. I shot for ClothesTime® before they had 100 store and Shirley of Hollywood one of the largest lingerie company's in the USA. Then one day I got a call from a Penthouse® magazine they wanted to see me about shooting for them. I was not that knowledgeable about Penthouse® magazine as I was dating a Playboy® Playmate (Who later became Playmate of the Year) and Playboy® magazine was the only thing I would hear about from my Playmate girlfriend. I had been shooting nudes of some of the models that I had been working with so I had a lot of images to show Penthouse®. With one look at my shots the women at Penthouse® magazine (Yes a women was running the show here in LA) asked if I could start shooting for them, and that was it I was off and running with Penthouse® magazine. I had the honor to be a guest at Bob Guccione's (Original owner of Penthouse®) home in New York City, it was an amazing place he had about 30 million dollers of art work just going up his staircase. Not only did I shoot content for the magazine, I photographed the centerfold for the 26th anniversary issue and I also photographed Dita Von Teese the Queen of Burlesque for Penthouse®. Those images of her were published in the US, Germany & Spain issues. As for shooting for Playboy® magazine it was a closed shop so it was not an easy thing to shoot for them, but I have now had my work published in their magazine. I have also test shot many models for them & have also worked with a lot of the Playboy® Playmates on other projects.

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My photography images have now been published in many magazines & countries around the world which is something I could have only wished for when I first starting out taking photos. I have circumnavigated the globe on many assignments and have the pictures to prove it!

I went on to shoot for the American Bizarre magazine and then I became their Art Director/Editor, it was great running a magazine I was able to find out how it all ticks behind the workings of each issue, I would have to sort out what we would publish in the magazine & I also would shoot some of the content myself plus work out new design's and concept's to help push the magazine forward. Not only was I acting as the Art Director but also the Editor, the owner of the magazine had confidence in me that I could do it all.

I have also been featured on TV as the “King of PinUp”. I appeared on many show's in the US, Germany & Canada. "As I have the most published posters, postcard's and calendars of any photographer in the US". I now have gone on to shoot many catalogs for clothing manufactures and advertising campaigns. I got to worked on an assignment shooting the rock group Duran Duran, who were great to work with, Duran Duran used my images for one of there social media campaigns.

Having now expanding into video and movie making as a videographer and editor with my strong storytelling and cinematography skills, as well as my razor-sharp eye for detail. I have made a big splash with my YouTube channel "The Story Behind the Picture"

I am also a Adobe® Certified Creative Professional Front End Web Developer which I have added to my repertoire and what better way than to showcase some of my work than with this website and my other website with the use of WordPress and Adobe® Dreamweaver. . . andrefelix.com

André Felix

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Artistic Director, Photographer, Web/Print Graphic Designer, Videographer, Video Editor, SEO Coder & Web Developer Specialist.

Please feel free to contact me about your project, if you are interested in my work!