Barbara Moore Playboy® Playmate – Burlesque

Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate Burlesque

This story is about how I set up a swing and made my images look like a trapeze artist with Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore.

My first thoughts were how to go about making it safe to be on a swing and what outfit I should use. When working on a new project or set of images one of the things I like to do is think of the story line & have a starting point and an end point. You don’t just shoot and hope for the best shots to show up it’s not luck of the draw. I did find a corset which was black and white striped & I also found some stocking’s that had black and white strips on them. I had a white bower and white shoes that also went well together so things were looking good for the outfit. Now for the swing, I made it out of plywood and covered it with foam and black cloth I had drilled holes in each corner for the ropes to go through and twisted the two on each side together into one cord on each side leading up to clips that would go to rings that were in the rafters in the celling of my studio. I made sure that the ceiling beams were braced to take the weight of the model sitting on the swing as safety is paramount.

I put up a black seamless paper and made sure that it was far enough back as to not have any light on it, I wanted it to stay black the paper would also came all the way under the model and the swing. On the right side of the set I placed a strip light which would act as my back-side light to give a separation of model and backdrop. My front light was a ring light that was mounted to the camera so when I would move with the camera the light would always be focused onto the model.

My ISO was set at 200 and the f stop was at f6.3 with this f stop anything behind the model would be out of focus. Shutter speed as at 125 sec to sync with the strobe. The lens I used was a Tamron 28-70mm that way I could zoom in and out and not have to change my f stop as I was hand holding the camera for some of the shots.

My big tip when working with a model is talk and assist them in pose’s don’t just let the model go. I am fortunate to have a seasoned Playboy® Playmate to work with on this shoot, Barbara has many poses that she has used from her ongoing work with Playboy® and other photo assignments, that is what helps make a seasoned model.

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