Hotel Room – Do not disturb

Playboy Playmate Barbara Moore

I received an e-mail from a producer in Canada that was going to be in Los Angeles and would like to add me to a story he is doing about glamour photographers in LA. His film was to be a documentary of interviews with photographers and their models with some B roll of the photographer shooting a model on location or in their studio. I contacted him back and told him I could do it and that I would have a Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore as my model to shoot that day and that he could also do an interview with her. He informed me where he and his crew were going to be staying in Los Angeles and I let him know that I would just come over to them and that they could film me shooting in the hotel room and do the interviews right there. I could also give them some of the stills from that shoot, right out of the camera as I was now shooting digital. For this shoot as you could not get that many people in the room I would bring my DP/assistant and one 650 W tungsten light and stand, I did not need a lot of equipment. Barbara Moore was coming on this project with us to help promote her website at the time. We all get to the hotel and it’s just the same as always so no surprise’s there. We set up the light and Barbara got into some very sexy under wear which she would then strip out of as the shoot progressed. I had been working with Barbara a lot so we had a great rapport which made it easy for us to get right into the swing of things so it did not take us long to do the shoot. As you can see in the images Barbara look fabulous.

You can also see in one of the images the information about the camera I was using that day. It was a Canon G2 a point and shoot. Yes, that was when I just got started into digital so this just demonstrates just how far we have come in the technology these days and that more pixels are just that more and what do you get with more well an image that will have better resolution and dynamic range. You will not get any better at taking photos with the latest and greatest you just get a better recorded image. So, don’t be fooled by today’s updated camera’s there are many models of camera now on the used market that will get the job done. Most clients that you my work with will have no clue of what camera you should use they are looking to you to know what to use for the photo assignment.

If you want to become better at making photos then take your time to know what you are doing so you become a master of light to help bring your creativity to life. Cameras and lights are just tools!

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