Yvette Nelson Malibu Hills

Yvette Nelson in Malibu Hills

Every body is talking about life style images. We use to call it editorial, but with something known as rebranding we call it “Life Style”. These images are of Yvette Nelson on location in the Malibu Hills, California.

We set out to find a location that had a countryside look with some open space as I wanted to have the background out of focus and keep the attention on the model in the clothes. This can be done with a shallow depth of field called “Bokeh”it’s a Japanese word which translated to “out of focus”. I am talking about using a low f stop on the lens. Like 2.8 or 5.6 this will give you this look. It would also help if you have a long lens so that you compress the images but you can also use a 50mm lens, I used a 50mm on my Canon 60D (85mm) so you can see it can be done with a crop sensor with no issues

If you are starting out and like to know why you would want to do this “Bokeh” its because in a photo/image you want the viewer to look at what you want them to look at. This way of putting all the other part of the image out of focus help this happen.

We also looked for soft light and ended putting the sun behind Yvette to rim her and the hat. By opening the f stop by 1/2 a stop I exposed for shadow detail. You can use a reflector or strobe/flash to act as a fill light if you like that look. So that is how you shoot “Editorial images” just make sure you are prepared for a bit of a hike!

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