Bizarre Magazine Cover

Seana Ryan Penthouse Pet

After I had shot the cover images I shot Seana against the white wall in a long latex dress with again reflecting the light back on her and the dress which also gave a nice sheen to the latex dress. We had to covered the dress with a liquid polish to shine it up to make it look reflective in some parts, this gave a great dimension to the shot.

When shooting a new cover for Bizarre magazine I had asked Penthouse® Pet Seana Ryan to pose for the shots. She was one of the most amazing looking Pet’s that I had seen in Penthouse® magazine with a fabulous body and stunning face, super nice to work with and very professional.

At the time of this shoot I had a wall built as backdrop in the back of my studio outside which was painted white with a scrim over the top to give me soft defused light even in bright sunlight and with the ad of reflectors, I could bounce the light back onto my subject to brighten the image (Model). I would also open up about ½ of a stop on the lens of the camera which would help give me more shadow detail. You could see a catch light from the reflectors in the eyes which is important, it will give the model life.

Seana Ryan Penthouse Pet Bizarre Cover

In this space I could also just put up a backdrop of any color I had and as you can see in the cover shot we had a light blue backdrop.

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