Carrie Stevens location head shot

Carrie_Stevens Playboy Playmate

When shooting a head shot outside I find that its helpful to put your subject in the open shade and use the sun as a side or back light. For these images of actress and Playboy® Playmate Carrie Stevens this is just what I did. At the back of the location we were at for the day, I found a great spot that would work for this setup. When placing somebody in the shade you will find that the light is very soft and you will not get a super sharp image so the trick is to pump the light up and make it a bit harder with the use of a reflector if you don’t have a strobe. The sun that is coming from the side or in my shots back light is use to separate the subject from the background.


Also with the use of a wider aperture F4.5 I was able to keep the background way out of focus. This helps make the viewers eye go to the sharpest part of the image which for a head shot should be the eyes. There was a banister that Carrie could place her arm on which helped work into my shots of her in the bright colored sweater.
In the other head shot I used her lovely full head of hair with a direct look to her face as my focal point.

Carrie_Stevens Playboy Playmate

So, when working outside take control of your light don’t just take a shot or you will end up with a snap that you might as well have taken with your phone.

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