Wrist Watch SetUp

Wrist Watch Upscale

This setup information below is how I would shoot a wrist watch for a company I used to work for. I would be given a mockup from the art department and have to just copy it. For there setup I would have to use only two lights in two large soft box’s and one power pack, this was all I was given to get the job done. The boss of this company did not seem to think we needed any more equipment, let alone spend any $ and was clueless on why his business was going away. The computer I was given to use only had Windows 2000 installed on it and would crash each day it was a joke working there but it was a regular paycheck. I just went about doing my job as it was a way for me to shoot each day with new products and I wanted to become more proficient at the job of shooting all sort of products. I would use my own imagination on up to date looking images on my time! (See main image)

The background for their shot would have to be slightly out of focus so we did this by placing the product on a same color fabric covered tube on two tin cans see images I have recreated. The same color cloth would be then being covering the background, this is the standard way I was instructed to do the shot. One light was placed to the left to the product and one light was placed on the right. The one on the right was 1/2 stop brighter. Once this setup is in place you can see the result was very old and bland looking but that is what they wanted. The other main shot on stones is me just taking it up a notch with some thinking of my own creativity.

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