Barbara Moore Circus Tent

Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate

Over the years I have been an exclusive photographer to Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore, not only have I been her photographer but I also designed and operated her members only website. Her website (members) is not online any more due to the over saturation of free content that has been posted by the idiots that have made the web a none exclusive environment for membership websites.

I shot these images as part of a set for Barbara’s website, the story behind how I came about shooting this set is that on the day of the shoot, I had bought a painted backdrop with me to the shoot and string of lights to use in the background for a set in which I was going for a Circus Tent look. When we were about to shoot the set, I had noticed that the daylight (Sun) was coming though some of the windows of the location and was hitting a cabinet which had some glass doors. The reflection was bouncing around the room & I thought that if we set the backdrop up so that light was hitting the background, And I was to use a tungsten light I might have a more of an interesting look. I could have got the same effect with the use of strobe’s but it would have taken more time to set up & as we had a limited time to shoot at this location I decided this was the way to go.

"Circus Tent" - Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate
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