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Nikki Zering Postcard        Shurla Postcard

This story is about my advice on shooting post cards and how it worked by helping to get me started in shooting sexy girls and getting my photography and name out there. There is a need for sexy looking girls on postcards and the models are also looking for a way to get published so they could use the cards to send to companies to see about getting their attention. I still get my cards sent to me from people who find them all over the world and I am very flattered that people take their time to do this.

The card of Kelly in the USA swimsuit standing under a pier in South Laguna, California is a one-off shot as that pier was washed away in a storm so I can never shoot that view again, as you can see the card company took the background out and used a closeup of the stars from the swimsuit as the background. In the popup you can view the image as I shot it with my camera with the original background still there. The other postcard of the model in the black wetsuit looking swimsuit shot is also under the same pier.

Kelly USA Postcard

The other two cards I shot was under another pier in Newport Beach, California, one of the images I used with tungsten film which gave a blue look, the popup image I have color balanced it for a normal daylight look. The girl with the yellow surfboard is Playboy® Playmate Nikki Zering when she first started out as a model.

When shooting new shots I would shoot more than one idea with each model so that I could utilize the time we had together, I would also shoot all the models together for a fun group image. When I would meet with a postcard company I would show them a set of images & that way I always had a lot of cards published.

”Sexy Girl Postcards” - Story Behind the Picture


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