Kristi Curiali Penthouse® Test Shoot

Kristi Curiali

When I was a contributing photographer for Penthouse® magazine I would receive e-mail’s and calls from models who would like to know how they could become a Penthouse® Pet. Kristi Curiali contacted me to requested that I test her for Penthouse®. I agreed once I had seen images of her as I thought she would be a good candidate. When shooting for Penthouse® you had to get Bob Guccione to like the girl so that you had a commission to shoot a layout for the magazine. It was a bit of a crap shoot but at that time I had an online members website so if the images were not going to be published in Penthouse® the model and myself would use them for each of our websites.

The day Kristi was in Los Angeles she called me to let me know where she was staying and room number. I got all my gear together that I would need for the shoot and I also took with me some of my model wardrobe, this is a must if you want to shoot for Penthouse® you have to know how to do styling for a shoot as it’s not all about photographing a naked model you need to tell a sexy story. There are also some items that Bob Guccione liked in his shots & some-things you were told not to use or photograph, so you have to know his taste in styling at that time. Bob Guccione liked big clucking jewelry and erotic costumes. I was shooting for Penthouse® not photographing the girl next door for Playboy® that would be another shoot with a different model.

These images are from the bathroom set as it was quick with no issues, I had shot this sort of look before with a Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore for her website so I had a good idea of what I could do in the small bathroom space. The best bet is to use one strobe light or a fixed light straight onto the model. You will never get the background shadow to go away so use this look. You could bounce the light off the ceiling or use a fill card for bounce light. I just use my trusty ring- light. I used a 19-35mm zoom at F5.6 – zoom – to 28mm 125sec ISO 100
Kristi Curiali - "Penthouse® Test Shoot”
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