Roxbury staircase with Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore_Roxbury Staircase

I use to be the photographer & webmaster for Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore. This involved updating her website with a new gallery of images each week. In this shoot, we had the opportunity to use an apartment in Beverly Hills, California on Roxbury Av. We set up a day to shoot and I arrived at the location and found that the place was very empty so there was a lot of open space to use. I had things for the model to pose on with me so I was not too worried about the fact it was empty. When Barbara arrived, I showed her what we had to use and she got out some of the things she was going to wear for the shoot. I had seen on the way in a staircase that lead into the location which was perfect for some other shots with Barbara in her black boots and a very sexy black outfit. At the top of this staircase was a fantastic chandelier light which I wanted to have in some of my shots to offset Barbara standing at the foot of the stairs.

So I set up a strobe that would bounce off the wall in front of the staircase. This strobe would then cover the staircase with light as if it was coming in like soft daylight. I wanted to use as much day light along with my light for a natural lighting look. I was going to be using a slow shutter speed of 80sec @ F5.6 & ISO 200 and that would work for what I was looking for as there was a skylight in the roof that helped give me my mix of light.

I use a Canon 50D with a Tamron® 19-35mm F5.6 1/80sec ISO 200. The 50D was the camera I was shooting with at the time, this camera did the trick as you can see in all the images.

Barbara Moore - "Roxbury Staircase"
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