Irina Voronina Playboy® Playmate – Beach Shoot

Irina Voronina Playboy Playmate

Let’s talk about these shots on location with Playboy® Playmate Irina Voronina. I had a project for a calendar and needed some swimsuit models in which Irina was one. Now most of the models I have been working with are the top models in Los Angeles and are all on a list of being reliable & professional. There are always new girls that make the list but most of them all know each other and who are the working photographers so it’s a click of who you know. I called Irina and booked her for this shoot & informed her of the location which was at a beach in Santa Monica,CA and that I could meet her there. I also let her know that I was paying the models on the day of the shoot when they had signed a model release after the shoot. She arrived at the location and we took a look at the swimsuits she had with her and picked out the ones we were going to use.

Now the day of my shoot at the beach was not the best for sunlight as it was a bit flat (Defused light) so I had to use a strobe as my main light and let the sunlight be my fill light. If you look close you can see the strobe light in the model’s eyes. This also makes for a nice catch light to give a sparkle in the model’s eyes. Working with a Playmate can be fun when they have been shooting with Playboy® for some time as they end up with a lot of sexy pose’s and super looks, this translates into getting your shot’s very quickly.

With Irina, you just let her know what it is your looking for in a shot and she just gives you the look you want, a true professional. It’s very hard to take a bad photo of her. I did get some fun shots but most of the poses were just what a calendar pinup shot should look like. Do not forget to take a look at your location some time before your shoot there so you can review. When shooting on location be organized and prepared it will translate into a successful shoot. The weather is not something you can always count on so be able to roll with it!

Irina Voronina Playboy® Playmate - "Beach Shoot"
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