Platinum magazine “Marry-Go-Round”

merry-go-round_carousel Platinum magazine

We shot at about 4.30pm with a Hasselblad® camera and a 150mm lens. I used TRX 400 shot at 100 ASA. My exposure was 60sec F-8 so I could get the lights to glow in my images that were on the ride. We did the B/W film processing in my darkroom and made all of the prints for the publication. As you can see the shots came out fantastic!

I was interviewing two new model’s that came by my studio and with talking with one of the girl’s I found out that she was a dancer. I asked if she had done any nude modeling and would she be interested if done tastefully. I told her about this magazine “Platinum” that was looking for European style soft nude images and that they are also paying a nice model fee.

The idea I had was to shoot on a location were a fairground was the backdrop. I found a fairground and when talking with them they said that I could show up and shoot the day before the opening to the public. I called my lawyer to see if I would have any issues as I was going to be shooting some nudity, he informed me that if any one complains I should know when to rap the shoot. On the day of the shoot as I was getting ready two guys with red shirts on came over to me to told me that I could not shoot at this location, I informed them that I had permission from the fairground owners to shoot the model on the ride. They still did not want me to shoot on what they deemed to be their property. I informed them I did not agree and my assistant sent them on they away, we all had a feeling they were going to come back with the police so we went right on with the shoot before they came back. We were shooting the shots on the merry-go-round/carousel and things were going fantastic, I was getting all the shots I needed & the model being dancer was able to work with the pole that was on the ride, at one point I looked back at my crew and said this is the money shot.

Then just as we were getting ready for the next setup the two guys came back with the police. The police came over to talk with me about what I was doing and said that they just had to do their job and ask me to leave! So I called it a rap at this location. Some days later when submitting the film, I include some BW prints that I had colored with a slight blue tint. The magazine went with my blue look and the money shot became the centerfold.

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