Carrie Stevens Rock & Roll Bunny

Carrie Stevens Playboy Playmate

I had so many e-mail requests to shoot another sexy image of Playboy® Playmate Carrie Stevens that I thought I would go back to my bunny series and shoot another bunny idea with her. This time I would shoot on a black backdrop and the challenge was to get the model to stand out away from the background with some rim lighting. So, in these shot’s I used blue light for a bit of a Rock & Roll theme. I asked Carrie if she would be up for another bunny look, which she said she would love to do. I set up a black back drop and placed two strip lights on each side of her behind were she would be standing. I needed the Carrie to be well away from the backdrop so that the front light would drop off and not light up any of the black backdrop as I wanted it to stay black or have a wash of the blue light. In the two strips lights I had placed a blue gels over the lights so that they would kick out the blue light.

I then had a ring light set up to the front of her for my main light. The exposure was F8 at 125sec ISO 200 for the front light and the back-side lights were about ½ a stop brighter and with the back lights pointed right at the camera we had to look out for flare. So, we used some cards on each side of her to stop this from happening. The camera I use for the shoot was a Canon 60D all the images were shot as RAW files then with the computer they were converted into PSD files with some filter work for my end result you see here.

Carrie Stevens - "Rock & Roll Bunny”
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