Barbara Moore Playboy®Playmate Beach Sweater

Barbara Moore_Beach Sweater

I use to shoot most of the content images for Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore for her members website which is no longer available!

As a working photographer I used to come up with idea's that are inspired by something or place depending on what I am thinking about & photographing a lot of very sexy girls is always part of my mix. I was requested some time back to shoot some images of Dita Von Tease & her people wanted me to shoot something like the Marilyn Monroe images that had been taken of her on the beach in a sweater. That project never came to pass so I kept that thought in my head so one day when I found one of my sister’s sweater’s I thought it would be a great for Barbara to wear at the beach and seeing this sweater it came back to me about the Marilyn Monroe shots, time to do the sweater idea.

Barbara Moore_Beach Sweater    Barbara Moore_Beach Sweater

There is this beach in Malibu California and I had shot at before, so I know what was there to use as a backdrop. It also happens to be the spot were Herb Ritts shot many time's, it’s like the goto place for the photographers that are in the know. I had shot Barbara with direct sunlight many times before and she looks fantastic when shot that way posing into the golden sunlight. Just in the case I needed some of my own light I took with me a strobe that was able to kick out about 200-watts. This strobe (Q-Light) has a great recycling time it's very quick & I did use this strobe on some other images I shot that day. In these images I used one of my Canon camera's a 60D F 5.0 – F 4.5 with a very quick shutter speed of 1/600 with ISO 200 as to capture Barber’s every move as she was posing on the beach. That’s how I did it and came up with the idea.

Barbara Moore “Beach Sweater”
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