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lana Kinnear

The Story Behind the Picture this time is about coming up with a cover image and some inside images for an editorial in Australian people magazine featuring Los Angeles model & starlet Lana Kinnear who appeared in the movie Ironman with Robert Downey Jr. After sending the magazine some images of Lana they commissioned me to shoot her for a cover and editorial.

For the shoot I wanted to do something that was fun and upbeat so I used this yellow shinny backdrop for the fun shots with Lana in a sexy black swimsuit and I also use a shiny dark blue for some of the editorial inside shots. We shot some other images that had her on a workout bike and also using some light weights.


The lighting was going to be reflex in the backdrop so I would have to think were the lights were going to be placed and also at the same time I would need to highlight her to give some separation from the backdrop. We use a side light to edge her and two large front lights (Half domes) to light her up. As you can see the black swimsuit looks great against the yellow and in the shiny dark blue backdrop we use a white swimsuit this way her body was always front and center.

Check out my lighting diagram so you can see how it’s all done. Now here is the kicker I shot this in an apartment living room in Los Angeles, I did not need to rent a studio for this shoot which helped keep my budget down. The big cost to the shoot was the makeup and hair plus. Make the most with what you have and you will make a profit!

I use a Canon® 20D with a Tamron® 28-75mm Zoom. F6.3 @125sec with my Norman® power packs with three lights. If you think you need better equipment, my question to you is who are you shooting for? I got the job done and I got paid.

Lana Kinnear - "Australian people magazine”

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