Alice Bradley Body Shaping Lighting

Alice Bradley

I get requests from people on Instagram that would like me to shoot with them but, a lot are just looking for free photo shoots. Many people are posting images of themselves for promotion on Instagram but not of real jobs or work! I also post my work on Instagram because it’s a way of being seen by a lot more people than just my website for promotion. The business of social media is such a big deal now days that is why I do it. My story here is about a model Alice Bradley that sent me a message that she wanted to shoot with me if I was interested in her look and as I have not shot a super fit model in a long time I thought it would be cool if I could get some images for my blog and video channel, So I agreed. Alice Bradley has a super fit body and is very into working out and eating all the right foods to stay young and fit with a positive outlook to life.

I set up a day when we could shoot and thought about how I would show off her shape with the use of some side lights and one-half dome soft box for my main light and as you can see in the diagram below, I set the front light a bit to one side of her and used a silver reflector as a fill. I had one half dome and a strip light to the back sides (Left and Right) of her for sharpening that would help make her stand out from the backdrop. I also had a very small soft box on the floor that lit the backdrop on the left side of the image so it would not just be all dark. I did not place my camera on a tripod as I use it hand held so I could move about to get a look that worked with her movements. I think you can agree that she look fabulous and the shot came out super. I use a Canon 60D and a 50mm STM lens shot at F8-125sec. My strob’s were Norman and I used two power packs one for the front light & small background light and the other pack for the side lights. I use Norman as they are the choice of a professional that has been doing this for some time!

Alice Bradley - "Fitness Model "

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