Joe DeRenzo

Joe DeRenzo

I got a call from a well-known jazz drummer and producer in New York, Joe DeRenzo, he was going to be in Los Angeles and made the request that he wanted me to shoot an image of him under the Hollywood sign and then at a drum store, Were I would film him drumming to promote his new book. This would be like a mini commercial. So, we set off to the Hollywood sign and set some drum skin’s up to reflect in his glasses keeping the sign in the background of the shot.
Next we headed out to the Guitar Center were we I had the permission to shot the mini commercial there. We picked out a drum set and Joe started to play. As I shot some images a crowd become more aware that this was a moment to be seen. Once I got the still images I switched out to shoot the video. I use a Canon G15 to make all my shots and the movie. We got all the image’s and footage we needed so we were done with the first part. Back at my office/studio we set about cutting the movie.

Joe DeRenzo Drumming

Joe DeRenzo Book Cover
"Drummers of Melody, Rhythm & Creativity"

Written and compiled by Joe DeRenzo

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