Bad Bunny Cocktail

Rebecca Mary BadBunny CockTail

In shooting this image I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted, I needed the model to have some anonymity that’s why I went with the mask not just bunny ears alone. The bunny mask was the starting point for the shot, next came the outfit a black corset and long black gloves with black stockings like latex. I also went with some shoes that would (No pun) stand the test of time. As for the X’s on each nipple plus the leather choker. I think it adds an edge of erotic fetishism. Not just another topless shot of a model in a bunny idea.
The white vignette background helps to keep the shape of the bunny on the cocktail stall. I shot this with a ring light as my main light and the background was blown out with two lights pointed at the white wall behind on to each side for an even wash of light. The martini she is holding is a Frank Sinatra with two olives´.
The “Bad Bunny Cocktail” has become a favorite image of my work as of lately. It’s a classic look, Bad Bunny Cocktail has all the ingredients of a timeless shot. Lovely model, naughty, sexy & just bad as she will go all the way to Eleven. I like to think this shot will stand the test of time and that is why it’s an Eleven.

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