Carrie Stevens Poster

Carrie Stevens Playboy Playmate Poster

The story behind this Poster. I received an e-mail from a client about an offer to shoot a new poster with an idea they had been looking to publish. We talked about who would be good for the shot and Playboy® Playmate Carrie Stevenscame up as a good candidate for the poster idea. The poster company sent me some images of what they were thinking about & they wanted to call it “Always Hold your Licker”. As Carrie would be sitting on the floor holding a liquor bottle. All I had to do was book the model and set up a time and studio for the shoot. I thought we would and did end up using a black backdrop with a nice orange backlight. Carrie has a lot of hair and a back light would help separate her from the background. This would give a nice glamour look and with the ad of a wind/fan at her hair it would stay away from her face which is one of the things you need to show in a poster. The model needs to make eye contact with the viewer. They (Poster company) also needed to have a lot of sexy cleavage & this was not an issue with Carrie as she has a smashing bust line. We shot with about 4 different tops to give the client a choice to pick from. As you can see they went with a plan cream top image. This poster “Hold your Licker” is now a collectible.

As this shot was to be a poster I use a Canon 5D full frame so the image would be sized up with no loss of detail, lighting was one backlight with an orange gel and two front lights defused. I made sure that no front light was going to spill onto the background to keep it black. I did this with the use of large flags/Cards. You also have to keep the model away from the backdrop so any front light just fall’s off. So, you only are lighting (Front light) the model.

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