Glamour head shot with Mishel Thorpe

Mishel Thorpe

As you can see (shot above) it’s a super look, and one that you can do yourself any time in a studio space.

When setting up for a glamour head shot it’s not like a portrait shot. You should understand that a glamour shot is about making the face look just that glamous with nice lighting that looks a bit sexy & a bit Hollywood. A portrait is sort of best of them look or a very normal or formal look. Now for this shot with model Mishel Thorpe we were in the studio and I could place my lights any were so the first light set up was to be in front and slightly above the model’s face, this would place a shadow under the nose which we call a butterfly. To remove this shadow and to bounce light up under the chin we can use a reflector that could be a soft white or silver it depends on how much bounce you like. I have a soft silver that I use. I place this on a boom under the model’s face about foot under her chin and up to the face.

I sometimes place white cards on each side of the model to make a box to bounce the light back around the face. In this shot I did not do that as I wanted the light to drop off as it hit the face with no bounce back. This would give more shaping to the face, the bounce on each side with the white cards can give a flat look. Now to make a background look interesting I use a string of lights which I had & to make sure they would bee seen in the image so I set my ISO at 200. and the exposure was 1.30 sec. (Camera on a tripod) I used a Canon 60D with a lens of 135 mm on a crop sense which gave me a closer look and with F 6.3 I was sure the background lights would be out of focus

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