On location Swimsuit shots

Lana Star
In these shots, I use a strobe to light up the models one the shot’s I did not. Can you guess which?

When shooting a body shot or just a swimwear shot on location there are many things to think about. The first of them is the time of day morning or afternoon. If you think you need the sun like mid-day you are out of your mind. That is the time when the sun it at the top of the sky and you get hard light. Now if you are going to use a scrim (Over the top of the subject) to cut back the light you just might get away with it but the background will be blown out from the sun betting down on it.
But here is how it should be done, the later part of the day is when the light drops to a much softer light as the sun goes down the last part of the sunlight hits the earth that is the slower part of the light spectrum which is the red and orange light. We like to call this the golden hour.

michelle baena

Now you can shoot in the morning but this will give you a cold light as the sunlight is blue when it hits the earth in the early part of the day. keep that in mind if you are shooting a catalog of clothing you will see a color shift if are shooting all day. The best way to control the light onto the subject is to use a strobe/flash as fill light that will help to keep the color on track. It’s all to do with the speed of light!