Elvis Catsuit

Tiffany Selby Playboy Playmate Elvis Catsuit

Here are some shots that I think demonstrate how a photographer can crank it up a bit each time he or she is shooting the same or similar outfit’s. The shot below is for a catalog in a different season. This is when I started to get my idea to intensify my shot later, as you can see in this shot (below) the clients only interest was in showing the outfit not the total attitude which I would have liked to have been more intense for them, even though Keri (Model) gave me a great pose (Hand in the air) for her shot, it still did not have the total vibe I would have like to have seen. So, when working on a proposed shot for Sure™ microphone I suggested to Tiffany Selby Playboy® Playmate/model the idea that she rock out when I was shooting the shots of her, we put a dark wig on Tiffany to help make for the look I was going for and as you can see she just went for it.“Fabulous Baby”. I also cranked up the color of the image something I could not do for the catalog as the images for that have to stay as close to the original for sale’s.

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