Swedish Model

Swedish Model Jacki

I had an e-mail from a Swedish magazine that they have a model that is coming to Los Angeles, and had made the request that I shoot with her for an editorial. After some negotiation, I agree and she then fly’s out to LA and come’s by the studio for me to shoot. Now this studio (We rented for the day) has a rooftop that I can shoot on. So, I have my guys set up a steel frame work to hold a large scrim over the top of my shooting space. I also get them to place a black backdrop up at one end and place a card at the very back of the top of the frame. (Over top of the scrim) this stop’s light coming down onto the black background. Peter Linbergh lighting setup with the use of natural light.

Next, we use a board with lots of mirrors on it that we can bend. We bend that board to the shape that I need so that the reflective sunlight hits the backdrop in spots. I use a large reflector to bounce light back at the model. This reflective light also gives a catch light in her eyes at the same time. I open my f stop about 1/2 a stop more than the metered light on the model for the exposure, so that I get shadow detail. We look at the images as we shoot to keep close eye on the exposure. When working with natural light it can change on you from time to time.

After the shoot, all the images are taken into Adobe® Photoshop and then they are all converted into the color that I had requested. The result’s as you can see is a fabulous part blue look not just plan B/W. This will help make the model (Images) stand out in the publication of the Swedish magazine.

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