Sand Jeans Shoot

I was on location shooting content for a model’s website and we had decided that we could shoot in an elevator for some of the shots. As I was shooting the images I could not help but see that my strobe light was flashing around the room off the silver shiny sides of the walls and door of the elevator, as it was made of stainless steel in some places. You can see this in the images below.

I went back to the same location to see if I could reproduce the same effect. With a model in the silver catsuit.

I could see that this was a super idea and that I should keep it for maybe an upcoming job. I received a call about shooting for Sand®Jeans and I explained to them about this idea of the silver sided room. The thought was you could see the front and back of the jeans all at the same time. (Main image) They like this idea and I was now in the running for the job, as I found out later that a big New York agency was also trying to get the assignment, but my idea won them (Sand® Jeans) over and I got to shoot the project. I booked two models for the shoot and rented a studio for the day which had a white cove. The story as to why I would need a cove is so that I would have a nice clean background that would reflect into the silver cards I had made as a room. All this information and a diagram can be found in my book “Tips & Tricks” so that you can use this idea for a client of just for inspiration. I still have the jeans from the shoot and the images were published in 12 magazine ads´, some others were two pages with a large image others were just a one page. I also did all the artwork and delivered the final’s to all the magazine’s.

"Sand Jeans" Story Behind the Picture
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