Barbara Moore Glamour shoot

Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate

when working with Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore on her website I would always invent many sexy galleries of images for the members side of her site. As a Playmate Barbara had a large following of members that would look forward to a new sexy gallery of images each week of her. Barbara’s images were always very tasteful nudity befitting of a Playboy® Playmate, as you can see in these images Barbara looks fabulous.

This glamour shoot was set up in a studio with a black paper backdrop, we placed a black covered padded cloth box on the set for Barbara to pose on. Its always a good thing to have something for a model to pose on when shooting a body glamour shoot in a studio setting.

I had one light in a beauty dish (With a grid on it) that was pointed at Barbara’s face and on the floor I placed a small soft box to ad as a fill light to brighten up the lower half of her body. I also placed a back right-side light that would shape her body from the background. The outfit is a pink corset with some fishnet pantyhose and a little black bowtie, simple but effective. As you can see in the main shot the lighting gives Barbara a enhanced shape. You can see why Barbara Moore is a very sexy Playboy® Playmate.

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