Rebecca Mary Lingerie Pinup

Rebecca Mary

Working with TV actor and model Rebecca Mary on some new stock images for a magazine that was interested in publishing a story about Rebecca I went about setting up a for new idea I had. For the background of these shot’s I used the two large cards I had made for a shoot with another model that I had covered with blue fluffy cloth. I had placed them side by side to give the look of a corner of a room. As for this lighting setup I had placed the lights in front of the model next to me from were I would be shooting from. To the right of the camera was a large strip light soft box and on camera left it was another large strip light soft box. I had a beauty dish (modifier) light on a boom pointing at the models face to keep her face lit up! This light was very close to eye level of the model, this sort of lighting of the face is a Playboy®magazine technique.

Rebecca was very willing to pose in this black fine net outfit with matching black net stockings, it was just the outfit for a sexy editorial look that a magazine would be interested in publishing. Rebecca had some very lovely shoes that went with this outfit very well and it all looked fantastic on her. Rebecca has the sexy pinup girl look down so this idea was a walk in the park for her. It was a pleasure to shoot with her as always and you can see by these shots we got some fabulous images.

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