On Location Yvette Nelson

Yvette Nelson

Most guys would pass on this shot (Image below) and put it in the trash bin. Not only did I fix the exposure, I then went and took it all the way to eleven. (Spinal Tap) I opened the image into Adobe® Photoshop and use there Raw Converter to adjusted the color and exposure. I also put a top on the model (Yvette Nelson) as she was topless during the shoot and we needed it to have no nudity for the publication.

Yvette is also normally a brunette so we put a blonde on her during the shoot just to do something different.

As you can see below this is the final images we ended up using, I think it came out fantastic as it could have been over looked if not for the time spent in Adobe® Photoshop and shooting in RAW has helped bring it back to life.

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