Yvette Nelson Lingerie Shoot

Yvette Nelson Lingerie
Yvette Nelson - "lingerie Story"

I was at a location home with professional lingerie model Yvette Nelson to shoot some new and very upmarket lingerie and we wanted to have a very natural looking shot as if the model was at her own home. We did not want this shot to look like it was just a shot of a girl in underwear, your typical T & A shot that you can see on the internet with an aspiring model any day of the week.
We set up the two tungsten lights one was inside the house pointing to the back of the room (Left side of the model) stage right and the other was on the patio pointing at the model from the right, stage left. The light inside was a 650K and was also plugged into a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the light to balance it for exposure. The one outside was a 1000K and I could move it forward to the model if I needed it to be brighter or move it back to be less bright. We had planned to shoot later in the day so that the sunlight would be more of the golden light to help blend with the tungsten light. I wanted the background to be out of focus and have a shallow depth of field so I went with F4.0 at 1/100sec at a ISO of 200.

The tungsten lights were my main lights for lighting up the inside of the room and on the model and the daylight would act as the fill light for this shot. This technique gave me a romantic look which in the first image you can see is nice and warm. I then went back with the same image in Adobe® Photoshop for a different look and went for a cool light effect.

If I was using film to do this I would have had to use two kinds of film but today we can do a lot of smashing stuff in post. Either way it’s a great shot for this outfit and working with a professional lingerie model gave me the ability to get more images in a short time, as you can’t stop the sun from setting. 

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