Renee Carroll Just Sexy!

Renee Carroll

I received an e-mail from my dearest friend Reneé Carroll about shooting some new images for her. I contacted her back about the shoot and she informed me she had a location we could shoot at in Orange County here in California. I arrived at the location and checked out the house and found some view’s that looked just right for the shots and I also looked at Renee’s outfits. Next step for me was to think about my lighting set ups and what gear I will need to use. I decided to use my Canon 50D and a Tamron 28-75mm zoom. My lighting would be a ring light so I could also use some available light in the house, (Working with my F Stops and shutter speed) this made for a very natural look with Rene being in the brightest light with the use of the ring light on her. The available light was going to act as my fill light in the images.

One of the rooms had some lever on the windows which when slightly opened they would let just a bit of light though which I could use as a backlight. This look would be fantastic for some body shots, we started with a red swimsuit which looked fabulous. Then we shoot upstairs’ in one of the other rooms, part of the look for the underwear was to include some lovely jewelry and a change of hairstyle. The last shot we did was in a cream crochet dress which I thought Reneé looked fantastic in. All I did for this shot was to get Reneé To stand against the wall and move about pulling on the dress. This was shot with my ring light !

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