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Kelli Brook White Cap Poster

Note: At the trade show (World of concert) they ran out of the posters as the guys there went crazy for them. Kelli was there to sign the poster for White Cap®. The company went on to become known for its fabulous promo poster’s till a women’s rights group went and shut their concept of using promo poster’s. Just another insult to women (Models) who make a living looking lovely.

I was commissioned to shoot a new poster for a wholesale construction company White Cap®. I had shot two posters for them before so this was going to be my 3nd poster for them. The idea that the owner of the company wanted me to shoot was not the greatest idea but he was the client and you do need to shoot what you are asked to shoot if you want to get paid. I did have some impute but I could not get them to go with my idea’s all the way. So, at the end of the shoot I asked the model to come back the next day and I would shoot my idea of what I thought would make a great shot for the poster. The model Kelli said she would be only too happy to come back and do a re-shoot with me as she also liked my idea of a poster better than the one we had just shot that day. That’s the sort of respect and trust I have from model’s as a professional photographer. We did not inform the client of the re-shoot. This image is what we came up with in the re-shoot and when I presented it to the client he said they liked it much better than their original idea.

As you can see part of the lighting was reflected sunlight, I did this with the ad of a mirror, I had this mirror that you would put on the back of a door in your room when dressing. What I had done was to placed bits of cards over the front in different shapes so that the light was speckled on my backdrop and model. I shot this image in open shade so that the mirror would give me highlights in the shot. I could move them about to get the look I was going for and being in California we can shoot outside for a shot like this with no flash fill, but I did used the natural light and with the use of a very large reflector I was able to light up the shot the way I wanted it to look. At the time I shot this with a 4X5 camera with real film so the detail in the shot was fantastic.

Kelli Brook - "White Cap® Poster”
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