Seana Ryan Penthouse Pet “Open Shade”

Seana Ryan Penthouse Pet

How I shot a Penthouse® Pet Seana Ryan in open shade.

I received an e-mail about shooting at a great location house in Los Angeles which was owned by a Playboy® Playmate Devin Devasquez who was having an open day for photographers that wanted to shoot at her home with her on some new website content. I let her know that I would be interested only if I could bring another model which was my friend Penthouse® Pet Seana Ryan. Devin agreed to my request so we set a time and day that I could be there for the shoot.

These images were all shot with only daylight which is the big thing in the Hollywood head shot world. I think part of that is a lot of guy just don’t know how to use strobe light. Don’t be one of these guys if you want to be working a lot as a commercial photographer. An art director will spot that you are very limited in what and how you can shoot. You will miss out on big paying assignments.

For these images I went to the back of the house were there is a back wall that was nicely lit with open shade, this sort of light is easy to use as it’s very soft and will only need some sunshine to be reflected back to brighten your subject up or just open up a stop on the lens. I had Seana pose close to the pink wall and as luck would have it she had a pink cowboy hat with her and a shinny pink short dress which looked great together. Now when working with a Penthouse® Pet or a Playboy® Playmate they have no issue with showing off their bodies so some nudity is going to happen, it’s part of their job.

Seana has some fantastic boobs so why not show them off, we started out clothed and then as the shoot progressed Seana would reveal herself for the camera. This is the way to shoot galleries for a website it’s a striptease plan and simple, don’t forget that it should also look like the model is having some fun so make sure you complement your model by letting her know that she looks fantastic and assist them with some direction with their pose’s. I can’t tell you how to work your shot but use your charm and help make the subject flow with there movements don’t let your model look stiff and be aware of there body as they move. My fill light was a mounted large silver reflector on a stand which would bounce the sunlight back on to my subject, be sure to make it not to bright so if you can back it off or the model with squint their eyes at you which is not so good look for a face unless you are going for that!

large Reflector

“Make your photo shoot fun and a memorable experience for all”

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Seana Ryan "Working with Open Shade"
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