Rebecca Mary “White Angel”

Rebecca Mary Angel Wings

I was shooting with Top model and TV actress Rebecca Mary on a new project and I ask her if she would pose for another shot I had in mind. She agreed and I gave her the outfit which she put on and with in no time Rebecca took on the persona of the White Angel. The wings were given to me by a client that I had been shooting a catalog for. I had found the shoe’s which were the start my idea for this shot. Once I had the shots I needed I called it a rap and set about working on the images in Adobe® Photoshop. I did not need to do much as I had set my lights up to give me a nice clean shot. If I had used film I think I would have use an ASA of 1600 to give the grain & sepia toned the print. But by using a filter I got the grunge image I was looking for. So there you have it “The White Angel”

Rebecca Mary - "The White Angel"
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