Rebecca Mary Head Shot

Rebecca Mary After Look

Reviewing some images, I had taken of Rebecca Mary of TV fame “The Price is Right”. I found a great head shot image of her that I wanted to work on. With the use of Adobe® Photoshop and then applying one of my Photoshop technique’s I gave the shot a different look from the original. When working with this image in Adobe® Photoshop I thought it would look great if I just cranked it up in intensity & color. I also went and cropped in on the face. You may have thought why did I not zoom in or go closer when taking the shot. I did but this is to demonstrate how you can change your mind later on a shot and work an image into a new life.

Creativity knows no bounds, you can go back to review how you got the look by putting the formula in a logbook, so if you wish to repeat the process you have that bit of information.

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