Penthouse® Pet Prinzzess Sahara in Ring Light

Penthouse Pet Prinzzess Sahara

Penthouse Pet Prinzzess Sahara    Penthouse Pet Prinzzess Sahara

I received a lot of e-mail requesting how to work with a ring-light and why would you use one. Shown below (image) is the right light I use and as you can see it’s got a large strobe light inside the front part of the product. The strobe is behind a plastic window which in my opinion is a good thing as its protected if you happen to knock it. Also, inside are some LED’s which you can switch on to use as a modeling lights which help's you to see your subject, and the LEDs have 3 different brightness. This will not affect the strobe light exposure as that has a lot more power than the LEDs.

Ring Light Strobe

On the back, there is a power on button and also a way to control the amount of power by moving the ring dial around & as you do this it goes up and down in third stop incremental to adjustable the power. The total power output is 400ws. There is also a test button to make sure that the light is working. It has a big battery on the bottom which you charge up with a transformer. Having a battery makes this strobe portable so it’s a go any were light. On the side, you have a way to plug into the strobe to sink it with your camera, one is a PC cord input and one is a USB, there is also included a socket for a remote control.

I like to use a PC cord which then connects to my camera by the hot shoe mount, sometimes I use it with a wireless remote. Which is also how you can use the light with infer-red that is what the red light on the top is for. These image are what you will see when you shoot, note that in these images there is a very soft shadow around the model that is hitting the backdrop, but the light on the subject is shadow less it’s also nice and direct (Bright). I use this strobe a lot for fill flash on location with the daylight, it’s a nice way to keep your shots lit up and being portable you can use it for a lot of location’s. Sometimes I will use the light with another strobe which is my fill light inside a room or studio so that the ring light is the main light in the shots. It is fixed to the camera and when you move about its always directed at what you are looking at this keep's the light on the subject all the time. You only have to adjust the flash output if you move in or out away from your subject with a fixed focal lens. That is why it’s good to use a zoom lenses that way the distance to the light to subject is always the same.

Penthouse® Pet Prinzzess Sahara

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