Laguna Beach Calendar Shoot

April south laguna beach

I received an e-mail from a new client that had seen some of my photography and wanted to know if I would be interested in showing some of my images to them for a calendar. I sent an e-mail back that I would be very happy to meet with them and show some of my images that I had in my library to see if any would work for their project. When they reviewed my work, they were blow away with what I had to offer them and picked 12 shots right there at the meeting for the calendar project they were working on. In the deal, I was also to receive 100 calendars for myself with my company name printed on, so that I could use them for my own promotion. This was fantastic for me as I had maintained the copyright to the images they liked so I could sale them for usage to anyone I wished. That is why you need your own stock photography!

The next year they contacted me about a new calendar and I informed them that I could shoot a new set of images for them if I had a budget for models. As I lived in Southern California I would not have to go any were to shoot other than the coastline that is on hand.

They agreed and I went about booking some new models for this project. You can review these fabulous shots of swimsuit model April who had just given birth to a baby two weeks before this shoot. I thought she looked fantastic and her body was in amazing shape very full figured. She came to the shoot with her husband who I put to work with a reflector to help bounce light onto her. The images came out smashing even though the sky was not as blue as I had wished for that day but it still works. The location was a beach in South Laguna a beach I have use before for many of my postcards and other work, It’s my goto beach. I use a Canon digital camera with a Tamron 28-75mm zoom lens at 60mm shot at 1/80 of a sec @ F6.7 & the proof of success is being paid and published.

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