Emily Addison Erotic shoot

Emily Addison Pethouse Pet

Canon 50D – Tamron Zoom 28-75mm – F8.0 – 1/125sec ISO200 (All images were shot as Raw files)
The Canon 50D is one of my backup cameras

I believe the first thing to assist you in shooting an erotic set of images is start with a hot and sexy model, how about Emily Addison (Penthouse® Pet), next you have to come up with an idea of how it’s going to work as a striptease if you are shooting for a gallery of images. What would you like to see happen if you had the opportunity to watch and enjoy. It’s a fantasy come to life. . . Well it is for me!

I had worked with Emily before on some other projects and thought it would be smashing to work with her again. So, I contacted her and set a date to shot. I booked a studio for us to use and when she got there we looked at the clothes we would use and discussed were in the studio we would shoot. I had some idea’s and one of which was with this leather chair. The backdrop I wanted to use was the garage door to the studio. You can see in the images it’s very industrial as it’s the back of the studio, not the pristine shooting area. Emily had this sexy fetish swim suit which I liked a lot so that was going to be the outfit for this vision. The images were also going to be for her website so there would be some stripping out of the outfit at the last part of the shots. (You have to go her website to review those erotic images).

After I got back to my office I started to looking though the images and thought I could make some adjustments to them you can see the shots are nice but the main image has a bit more of a punch.

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