Catsuit on location with Carrie Stevens

Carrie Stevens

I had seen this group of buildings and thought I would go there to see if I could use them as a back drop for some fashion shots. So, to get my idea started I went there to scout out the location and take some photos so I could send them to the model and also look at the lighting to see what I would need to take with me on that location. I had in my mind to shoot a model with this sexy black catsuit which I thought would make for a super fashion shoot.

I had an e-mail from Playboy® Playmate Carrie Stevens about getting together for a shoot and I thought that she might like to go on location with me for my idea. So, I informed her about this great location I had found and that I also had this fabulous sexy catsuit I would like to shoot her in. Carrie thought it was all good and we set up a date to shoot.

After thinking about what I was going to use at the location I also thought about how much time I would be able to get there before somebody would ask what I was doing. Now it is best to find out if you can shoot on a location but as this was open to the public I was thinking of the people who were going to be just walking about as I did not want to make some disturbances. So, about 20mins was about the time I thought I could get. I set up my camera with my portable ring light on it and picked a lens to do the job. I wanted to get some long shots looking up at the model and some close ¾ shots. So, a zoom lens would do the trick. I set the f-stop at 6.3 and my shutter speed would be 250sec as that would sync with the strobe, my ISO was set at 100. This gave me the exposure I needed to get the look I was going for. We spent about one hour working on the hair for a ringlet curled look that I wanted for the shots before we went to the location. When we got there Carrie put on the outfit and we walked over to the spot to shoot. I was able to get my shots there just before security came and asked us to leave. I think it was about 15mins. Now I am not instructing any one to just go and shoot anywhere they like, just think it though.

”Catsuit Shoot" - Carrie Stevens
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