April Scott Reuse Costumes & Clothing

April Scott Catsuit
 April Scott Catsuit

Let’s talk about the reuse of Costumes & Clothing.
One of the many things I am known for along with my brilliant idea’s are the outfit’s and costumes I have in my collection.

When I am working on a new clothing catalog shoot I would always talk with my client about me being able to have some of there outfits to use for my other projects when I need some cool stylish clothes and accessories.

I would also discover other clothes and accessories that I would help inspired me to use on new models that have booked me for updating their portfolio or for one of my personal projects. In the past model’s would come with some outfits that worked out good and other times they did not have any interesting things to wear so I would have to look to my collection of things to jazz up a look we were going for.

I like to recycle clothes and accessories from one shoot to another as most of the outfits have only been used once for the original project. So they still look new and unused and if you take care of your outfits and accessories they can last for a long time and can also be mixed and matched for your other projects. The only thing is to not use the same things over and over as people who look at your images might think you don’t have many ideas, the same go’s for the use of backdrops or locations.

I had originally used this outfit/catsuit on actor Claudia Christian with a black backdrop and colored side lighting. So when I used this catsuit again I had to make sure that it looked different. I just change the color of the background to white and use a different lighting setup. As you can see in these images It’s a singer with a microphone and in these shots we worked with the model for some cool pose’s.

April Scott Catsuit

For these fabulous images of April Scott I used my standard setup for a clean white backdrop by lighting the backdrop with two lights to keep it looking nice and white while the front light was my ring light.

Canon 6D Tamron 28-75mm f/11.0 @125sec. ISO 200


April Scott Reuse of Clothes & Costumes
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