Claudia Christian Sci-Fi Catsuit

Claudia_Christian_Sexy CatSuit
Sexy Catsuit Lighting set up

Over the years I have built up a reputation for shooting images that are a bit edgy which has a lot to do with the outfits/costumes I am given to shoot as I have shot a lot of sexy & erotic clothing catalogs. I have also been very fortunate to have the trust of many people whom I photograph so when I ask someone to shoot with me on a project they know it’s going to push the envelope a bit, like these images of Actor Claudia Christian, who you might recognize her from some of the TV shows and movies she has appeared in. Claudia is also a great cook and has just published a new cooking book which you guys should check out, Claudia is also known for her dedicated work as a advocate of medication assisted treatment for AUD.

I thought as Claudia was known as a Sci-Fi star that this catsuit was just the sort of thing you just might wear on your space station, even if it is a bit sexy!

Claudia_Christian_Sexy CatSuit

I placed two “half domes” soft boxes to each side of her on set just behind her with a strip light (Thin Soft box) to the front to light her up. Why I would use soft box’s and not some other modifier’s this is because they will cast light down the body and not put a hot spot on the outfit. When you shoot outfits that are very shinny you should try to use this sort of light. The two boxes’ behind had blue gels in them to add some interest and I think blue light is very Sci-Fi. If you look at my images from my set you can see the placements of the lights which are adjusted by a trimer on my Norman power packs, I also use some extensions on the light cords to knock down a bit of light as I was working in a small space. I find that with digital you don’t have to pump as much light onto your subject like you would using film. This has been a big issue for a lot of photographers. For this shoot I could tether my camera to the computer so we can review the images as shot progressed. This is a great tool and beat’s the hell out of using Polaroid® film. Photographers today have it so easy when it comes to making and working it all out in your head or waiting for the film to come back, it’s instant reviewing right there on the computer screen.