Penthouse Magazine

My erotic photography has been published in many magazine’s not just Penthouse®. I have also had my work published in many catalog’s, poster’s, postcard’s and advertising. I am a contributor to many models member website’s were my nude photography has helped maintain a level of high memberships. Erotic and Nude photography is not a new subject to me as I have always loved photographing women. I have a way of making women feel a sense of freedom and comfort when they are undressing and are posing nude. It is a fun thing to do and I let a woman feel sexy about doing it. It’s a woman’s right to feel the freedom of her own powerful sexuality.

I am not only a photographer for my shoot’s I am also the artistic director, I can create or locate a location and invent ideas that are needed for a successful photo shot or filming. I have the ability to style my own ideas (Clothing, Styling & Set Dressing) for a very engaging set of images. I enjoy staging an erotic scene that will grab the views attention. I keep up-to date with fashion trends & also with the use of modern lighting and cutting edge technology. I have been very successfully over the years and I am still doing this for many magazines and clients web site’s. I have a formula for success that is why my imagery will always leave the viewer with a lasting impression! That translates to a positive and profitable revenue.

Penthouse Centerfold and Cover
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