Tiffany On Location

Tiffany Richardson

This shot is of model Tiffany a top pinup model in California. I found this location in South Laguna beach California and making a note of the place and time that I should be there to take the shot, which was going to be a week later makes it part of the secret to getting a great image on location. This shot was going to be one of my images in a calendar that I had been commissioned to shot with 12 other lovely girls in swimsuits each with a different location. Why I like this shot? is because it’s all natural lighting and that the timing of the day was spot on. I also did not have to take a lot of equipment to shoot it. We did use a reflector to bounce the light back onto the model and I opened my f stop 1/2 stop on the camera, to make sure I got shadow detail. By using the 4 P’s in photography it translates to why this image it’s an eleven.“Preparation permits perfect photography”. Plus, Tiffany looks fantastic & what a great model to work with.

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