Tasha Reign Circus Tent II

Tasha Reign

When investing in a custom made backdrop for a shoot it’s great if you can get to use it more then once. But you don’t want all your shots looking the same on that background if you have used it before on another shoot, unless you are doing pickups for a catalog and you need to have the images looking the same as the last time you shot on that backdrop. So here is a tip! "Keep notes or a diagram of your lighting setups".

In these shots of sexy actress & Penthouse Pet® Tasha Reign I use the same backdrop I had use for a shoot with Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore “The Circus Tent” I wanted to use another lighting technique with Tasha so I would not have them looking the same as my shoot with Barbara. Using a ring light and a soft box as my fill light it would give me a different look. I would use the same adjustment I had used for the string of lights that would hang down from the top of the backdrop as I did before with the use of a dimmer switch to adjust the output of light. The other change was the outfit on the model. I went with a body stocking and a top hat to help promote an attitude.

Tasha Reign      Tasha Reign

The ring light was fixed onto my Canon 60D with a Canon 50mm STM lenes. ISO 200 and and my f stop was @ f8. 250sec. I was also able to get the exposure of the tungsten lights that were hanging down with no issue with the use of the dimmer switch. The soft box light was on my left side as a fill, this helped give me a light that looked soft and stopped the ring light looking like it was a fashion shoot with direct light at the model. One last thing I took all the images into Adobe Photoshop and used a filter on them to adjust the color and place a vignette on them so they would have the complete look that I was going for.