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Photography & Photo-Retouching: Studied Art (histories) photography at Orange Coast College and then went onto work as an assistant with an internship to Scott Lockwood (Photographer & Graphic Designer). Andre’s experience in Adobe® Photoshop for retouching covers a broad range as André has worked as a photographer & digital photo retoucher for many years. André has a working knowledge of Capture One®, Media Pro, Adobe® Lightroom, Adobe® Bridge. Capable of working on each platform Mac & Windows.

André has developed a high proficiently in digital imagery, color-correcting RGB, CMYK, image resizing & color filter effects in Adobe® Photoshop & array of plug-ins. André is also skilled in Daylight Balance, Studio Strobes, Tungsten lighting (Hot Lights) & LED’s. And is an expert in the day to day running of a photographic studio. With many years in studio & location work. André is very capable in a variety of specialized photographic techniques, including macro – photography, product photography, fashion photography & nude erotic photography with the asset necessary to direct live models at any photo shoot.

Movie Making: André is also a very qualified in filming & Directing live events, interview’s and short erotic movies. André is proficient in the use of Apple’s Final CutPro X & Adobe® Premiere as an editor. André also know’s how to story board a scene and write dialog. André can compose music track’s and if need be play a variety of instruments. André has now created an on line channel on youtube “The Story Behind the Picture” Were he discusses the were and how of some of his published images. He also talk’s about being a photographer and what it is really like to be a professional in his trade.

Web Developer: André has gone on to become a Web Developer and is now certified by Adobe®. He reads and writes HTML, CSS and can make changes or updates to any existing website and or design and develop a website form scratch. With the use of WordPress or Adobe® DreamWeaver.

Graphic Design: André also has a graphic design back ground and work’s with Adobe® Illustrator for updating design’s for web page graphic’s or print material. He has a strong sense of design and layout concepts in which he has used for magazine layouts and other published products with the use of Adobe® InDesign.

Videographer & Editor: André has a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro X & Adobe® Premiere Pro, he is also experienced in wearing multiple hats (videographer / editor / story telling with a strong editing sense. André has strong lighting and cinematography skills, as well as a razor-sharp eye for detail and art direction with great people skills & ability to give direction and work as part of a team, able to meet tight deadlines and handle pressure. Very well organized and efficient, with close attention to details while handling multiple tasks with good communication skills with the ability to take direction and explain design thinking to others.

Shooting for a magazine or Website Content: André not only is the photographer for his shoot’s he is also the producer, He can create or locate a location and invent ideas that are needed for a successful photo shot or filming. André has the ability to style his ideas (Clothing & Set dressing) plus the location for a very engaging set of images. He is an expert in staging an engaging scene’s that will grab the views attention. (There is a 3 second rule on the web) André keeps upto date with the use of modern lightning and cutting edge technology. His idea’s (Images) have been successfully been publish in many magazines and clients web site’s.
André’s images will always leave you with a lasting impression! That translates to a positive and profitable revenue stream.

Published Book:
André has also published a photography book “Tips & Tricks” for photographers and the photo enthusiast. He created all the artwork, design and photography.

Adobe Logo Certified
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