Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate® – Green Lingerié

Playboy Playmate Barbara Moore

You might remember Playboy® magazine use to put out a publication called “Playboy® Book of Lingerie” where they would have not only featured Playmates but also some other top models from around the USA. It was one of the best magazines published by them as it was just images with little or no text and if you just liked looking at girls in Lingerie this was the magazine for you, there was some nudity but mostly featured models in Lingerie.

When I first moved to California, I made friends with Kenny Rogers Jr and he was friends with a very talented makeup girl. She was going to have a birthday party in LA at a photographer’s studio that belonged to Playboy® Photographer Ken Marcus who was at one time the head of the Playboy® photography department. I got an invite to the party and went with Kenny where he introduced me to Ken Marcus. As of that meeting I and Ken have become good friends.

When I got the assignment to shoot Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore, in a fabulous teddy with sexy green stockings I contacted Ken to see if I could shoot at his studio, I did not want to shoot in his shooting space but in his hallways and staircase. He informed me that we could and that is how I got to shoot in his famed Los Angeles studio. So not only did I shoot a fantastic sexy Playmate I also got to shoot in a historic studio as my location – 6916 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Playboy® Playmate Barbara Moore Barbara is a super model to work with and has some of the best pose’s and knows how to play to the camera. I used a 1000K tungsten light on a stand for my main light with some fill light that came in though the windows. The light was a bit golden but with some post production work we got light the way I wanted it. I used a Canon camera and a 28-75mm zoom lens F4.5 60Sec ISO 100. My camera was low res (As this was 2003) and I had to be careful not to get too much burnout if the light was hot on the model. Today we can shoot almost in the dark and have much more tonal range so I would not have that issue, things have come a long way from first we used digital.

Barbara Moore Playboy Playmate® – Green Lingerié
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