Mariel Gomsrud Gardsman

Mariel Gomsrud

I was interested in shooting with a new model that had a different look when a came across Mariel Gomsrud. She was posting images of herself on instagram that I thought were intriguing and her facial features were very striking. I contacted her and found out that she was from Norway and is also an actress not just a model.

Mariel sent me some images of the sort of looks she was interested in posing for. I had also some ideas of my own and I thought between each of us we could come up with some super shots. I requested that she was to signed model release on the day of the shoot and that I would also pay her a model fee at that time. Mariel agreed with all these detail’s so we set a date and time for our shoot.

I sent a payment to the make girl “Terry Groves” so the model could do a drive by and get her makeup and hair done. When Mariel arrived at the studio she was all ready to go, I had two parts of the studio area ready (Lighting) so we could make the most of the time we had as I had rented the studio we we using that day.

We looked at the clothes and picked out what we would like to use. These shots are with a UK guardsmen jacket, Mariel had some fishnets on to give a edgy look. There are also some henna design’s on Mariel hands that I did not know about before the shoot but some surprise’s just work them self into your shot.

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