Halloween Catalog Shoot

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How to work with a client that is going to try to switch things on you. If you know this going in on a gig you can still come out with a client that is happy and that you are also OK with the outcome. The rule is if you think you have met a wheeler and dealer you need to stay ahead of their plan and not get caught out!

I was contacted by a new client about shooting a clothing catalog (Halloween outfits). I found out who the client was and got some background information on them. It’s always good to know a bit about a company before you have an in-person interview for a gig, so you know how the client is likely to act in their business negotiations. knowing the company and something about the person you are dealing with will assist you in making a good deal for all.

We talked about there project, I informed the client what it would take to shoot for a full day and what was needed to get the job done in the style they wanted to have their catalog to be printed. We also talked about my payment for the day and I informed the client what I would need financially to do the shoot, models, hair & makeup, assistants & ect. I made my price higher than I would knowing that this company was going to barter me down and that there could also be more work (Request’s) after the shoot and that I might not get paid for these request’s and that they were also going to hire models that I would have not booked which could be an issue later. (I did my research on how they do business)

BeWicked Cover Catalog

Just as I thought the project rolled out the way I expected. They booked models off craigslist and after the shoot when the client had seen the images I was asked to retouch all the images for the catalog as they informed me that my photography was not what I said it would be. As you can see by the main shot my lighting was on the target and that they are just pulling some shit. “The first thing a client will try is to say that your photography is bad, I seen this act before” LOL. I kept my cool as I focused on the fact that I was getting top dollar for my work and that I was still making a profit for my company. They did not know I had put my price’s up to compensate for their bait and switch!

My advice is to make sure you have all your agreements in a contract & keep your cool so you can work all the issues out as they show up. I did get paid all the money that was owed to me and I also inform the client that I would never work for them again!

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